Erica Mena Says No Real Man Should Be Intimidating A Woman

Erica Mena Says No Real Man Should Be Intimidating A Woman
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Erica Mena said that no real man should be intimidating a woman. Check out the interesting message that she dropped on her social media account.

'@nbc_earlytoday @msnbc Your anchor/correspondent by the name of phillipmena spent his day TODAY harassing and taunting a woman at her work space to intimidate her on behalf of his girlfriend. This is absolutely disgusting and he needs to be reprimanded for it. No real man should be intimidating any woman for any reason. Especially when she is in her work space. He made it so uncomfortable that even her clients felt uneasy and fearful. He was told several times to please stop recording and chose not too,' Erica began her message.

She continued and said: 'He frequently kept coming back into the establishment to get a closer view on his camera phone. Again this man is going out his way to intimidate and harass another woman all for his girlfriend. phillipmena You are a complete disgrace for taking the pathetic actions you took today. Getting involved in a female legal issue just proves what a coward you are. @nbc_earlytoday @msnbc this man must be reprimanded because his actions today just proves the kind of character he instills and I’m sure your network doesn’t associate with individuals who harass women on their day off. Please tag @nbc_earlytoday @msnbc so this coward understands WOMEN are off limits! Stop harassing women on your day off. phillipmena you are truly pathetic.'

Someone said: '@msnbc @nbc_earlytoday - @phillipmena harasses women on his day off! He needs to be reprimanded this is disgusting behaviour. Especially for someone who represents your network'

A followewr posted this: 'Type of person that will flip and harm her or even worse. Not caring to harm whoever is around her at the moment. I would have been so scared of being present.'

One follower posted this: 'As a man I'm disgusted the way these men are acting today....beating up women killing them cuz the refused ur advance...act like a man get a job take care of your family and mind your own business.'

A commenter said: 'Never in my life have I ever felt so uncomfortable, violated & uneasy. I am still in disbelief Man. I am thankful people were there as witnesses because who knows what would’ve happened.'


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