Erica Mena Says Celebrating America Is Canceled This Year

Erica Mena Says Celebrating America Is Canceled This Year
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Erica Mena posted a fan that managed to upset some of her fans. She told people that celebrating America for the 4th of July is canceled this year. Check out the post she shared below.

Someone said: 'The land of the free for white ppl. I don't celebrate that sh*t'' and another follower posted this: 'Baby fourth of July been canceled especially for my people. We celebrate Juneteenth.'

One commenter wrote: 'This is something that needs to be talked about more! This shouldn’t be happening at all. It’s one thing to say border control, it’s another thing to take away their freedom. Thank you for sharing.'

A follower said: 'Exactly. Yet another reason why we can’t celebrate,' and someone else posted this message: 'Yes!!! I said I'm just going to light a candle and put it on my porch or on my sidewalk.'

Someone else said: 'You just talk 💩 because Democrats are paying you. I bet when elections are over you’ll never mention this again. I just see the post but why not a gofundme so we can donate to help these people.'

A commenter wrote: '@iamerica_mena facts.... celebrating a land that’s working us to death while working against us at the same time 😔'

One follower posted this message: 'I’m not Celebrating shit I’m not putting red white and blue on shit you’re absolutely right. This place is disgusting @iamerica_mena.'

A person highlighted that a 'Court-ordered Deadline is by July 17 to release them all back into their parents' custody!!!! And they betta Fuckin DO IT!!!! @iamerica_mena.'

Other than this, Erica Mena  is supporting her hubby like there’s no tomorrow.

Safaree has new music out , and Erica made sure to share a sneak peek to the clip on her social media account.

Safaree shared the video as well and fans went crazy with excitement.

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