Erica Mena Reveals The Secrets Of Her Amazing Skin

Erica Mena Reveals The Secrets Of Her Amazing Skin
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Erica Mena is a busy woman these days. She's getting ready to marry the man of her dreams, Safaree and she's offering her fans and followers various life updates on her social media account.

Now, she's addressing the things that benefit her skin.

'Back at it for my favorite facials & beauty needs @skinprologica! Got the “Ultimate Brighting Facial” since my skin has been feeling congested and dull. My facial included Dermal,' Erica began her post.

She continued and told her fans that she is 'Planing to exfoliate my skin and get rid of all peach fuzz followed by the Dermalinfusion infusion that extracts exfoliates and infused my skin with specially customized serums just for my skin type. Finished with an LED Lighting & Mask. This was The Ultimate Facial! I'm so happy you guys have to try Omg the best !! Thank you @skinprologica in NYC ♥️ for always making it the best experience and taking care of me! #skinprologica.'

People are praising her beauty in the comments and they also continue to ask her whether she's pregnant or not.

A fan said: 'U look absolutely amazing boo 😍' and a follower posted: 'Show us that baby sis‼️ We happy for you 😘.'

Someone else said: '#iamerica_mena u always going to fun looking restaurants with all the fun desserts but u never give us regular smegulars the name of these places I would like to try a few of them so can u start posting the names for us please...'

A follower posted: 'She’s most likely waiting until after the wedding to announce the baby! And that’s totally fine 😊 were all happy for u regardless.'

A fan said this: 'Thank you for throwing in peach fuzz @iamerica_mena makes me feel better knowing others have it as well. Lbs 🤗😩'

It's been reported that a source knows for sure that the star is expecting a baby.

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