Erica Mena Raises Awareness About A Child Molestor - Prosecutors Dismissed The Case

Erica Mena Raises Awareness About A Child Molestor - Prosecutors Dismissed The Case
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Erica Mena is living her best life these days. The woman just got married to the love of her life, Safaree, and they are also expecting a baby girl.

She could not be happier or ask for more, but this does not stop Erica from raising awareness about tragic events that are still happening.

Check out her recent post about a subject that has also been addressed by more celebrities such as Tiny Harris and more.

'Please call 812-435-5158 because Judge Kelli just signed a dismissal Evansville, IN - This monster has been molesting an eight-year old African American Boy since he was six while in his care at Little Piggy’s Day Care. This man put a gun to this child’s head and made him perform sexual acts until he threw up, he sodomized this child repeatedly for years,' Erica began her post.

She continued and detailed the horrible events: 'He beat the boy with something called “ The golden spoon” this man was well known to the family and was trusted. He threatened to kill the boy and his family if he told. THE PROSECUTORS called the mother and told her they will be dismissing the case because the child was ineligible stand trial because he isn’t “mentally stable “ - This monster needs to be put away like the animal he is before he does this to another child- @shaunking.'

As you probably expected, people are outraged in the comments after reading Erica's post.

Someone said: 'Oh God🤦🏽‍♀️😢 I pray that God comes into this situation with GREAT FORCE!!! This is so heart breaking to hear/read…THE DEVIL WILL NOT WIN.'

A follower posted: 'So then are they not fully investigating this? Shouldn't they be able to tell? Is there any DNA left? How can they dismiss the case because the boy is mentally unstable? Can she sue the hell out of the judge? She should!'

Someone else said: 'But why would the little 8-year-old boy lie ab something like that? How would he even begin to fantasize about any of that?'

One other commenter wrote this: '😤 poor baby boy has been traumatized and now punished for being traumatized...'

Tiny Harris also addressed this story .

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