Erica Mena Presents A Life-Changing Solution For Her Fans - See Her Video

Erica Mena Presents A Life-Changing Solution For Her Fans - See Her Video
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Erica Mena shares an inspiring video for her fans and while some slammed her that she keeps advertising various products that she probably doesn't use, others are grateful that she is sharing all kinds of new goodies with them. Check out her video below.

'Luxury Yoni Ok ladies, you NEED @luxuryyoni in your [email protected] has been a huge part of my self-care routine. I love that their V-Steam can be done at home, and they use all-natural ingredients that smell amazing - Go to their page @luxuryyoni or their website and use code: Erica to save 15% off your purchase,' Erica began her post.

She continued and explained to her followers that 'There are soooo many benefits to V-Steaming with @luxuryyoni in-home V Steam combo Like, easing/ eliminating menstrual cramps, Enhancing wetness, balancing your PH, tightens and tones, increases fertility, plus it's so relaxing. I strongly recommend @luxuryyoni its life-changing!! Thank me later!'

Someone told Erica: 'Love u but doubt you ever used this product.'

Another follower said: 'I absolutely love the new u. I can totally see a change in u since u have been married and preparing for baby. Keep going Sis. 💜💜'

A commenter posted: 'I told my MD about this, they say no good you will get an infection, discharge and loose all the good bacteria that you need.'

A follower gushed over Erica and said: 'You glow different when you happy damn you looking good babes👌🏾'

Just the other day, Erica posted a photo in which she’s showing fans and followers her bare tummy with stretch marks and all.

She was advertising a useful app that she has been using for a while.

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