Erica Mena Poses Together With Her Daughter, Blasting A Hater For Accusing Her Of Something Terrible

Erica Mena Poses Together With Her Daughter, Blasting A Hater For Accusing Her Of Something Terrible
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Erica Mena is the happiest women out there. She's married to Safaree and they have a gorgeous baby girl together. Erica also has a son, but she doesn't post him that much on social media because he said that he doesn't like this.

People have been asking Erica to post more pics of her daughter and she's making fans happy with each and every new photo that she shares online.

Check out the latest pic in which she's together with her and Safaree's baby girl:

'My Forever Special Girl 💗 @childsplayclothing Emilio Pucci baby bag - My Fit @poshbyv,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'DM me her face.😩😍 It’s killing me I know my niece is so cute and I can’t see her.'

A follower said that Erica is not showing the baby girl because she definitely has a contract with someone - a tabloid or television. When the follower said this, Erica got mad and here's what she said:

'Sold the rights to my child’s identity 😩😂 you trolls make up anything and the sad part is people would believe this foolishness. My kids are priceless and that’s why I chose to keep their life private. Not enough money in the world when it comes to my kids.'

Another commenter posted: '@iamerica_mena that is so true and people can be mad disrespectful. I have a month old at home. Looking good waiting from doc to give the ok to work out so I can get my fitness on. God bless your beautiful family.'

A follower said: '@iamerica_mena I love that we get little glimpses of that sweet baby shes so cute,' and someone else said: 'We know that she is beautiful you are beautiful! when can we see your princess?'

Someone else said: 'This the closest y’all gonna get so y’all better enjoy (in my Mena voice),' and someone else said: 'You look amazing! look at how snatched your waist is. You bounce back beautifully girl you should be proud of yourself you look gorgeous.'

Lots of fans praised Erica's snatched body .

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