Erica Mena Looks Amazing For NYE - See Her Message To Fans

Erica Mena Looks Amazing For NYE - See Her Message To Fans
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Erica Mena looked amazing for NYE and you should check out her message to her fans here. check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

Someone said: 'Happy New Year's Erica you and your daughter are beautiful together matching silver. I love it. I pray that your 2021 is so much more happier for you. You are full of love you are an amazing woman and mother. Happy New Year to you my dear.'

A commente rposted this: 'Wowwww gorgeousness you and your daughter are truly blessing this world and I thank you so much darling.'

One other follwoer said: 'Happy New Year!! May God continue 2 bless u & yours. Leave da drama n 2021 & bring nothin but happiness, love & all positive thoughts & energy n 2 2022 wit ya kids. God bless!!'

She also had a message for fans regarding Safaree :

A fan said: 'Mann if they don’t get a mediator and their lawyers because clearly they both don’t know how to effectively communicate with each other. Social media can’t fix this.'

Someone else posted this: 'We don’t care it’s about 2022 in a lil while please leave the bs in 2021,' and a commenter said: 'YOU decided to have yet another baby by him tho… we don’t care.'

One fan said: 'Please not today. You couldn’t pick any better day in 365 days to tackle this than the 365th day? Bro please.'

Erica Mena is showing love to all the moms out there. Check out the message that she shared on her social media account.


'There’s no picking and choosing what days you want to be hands on or not. Mommies are 24/7 around the clock. Us mommies deserve all the praises in the world. Especially the ones who also hold it down financially as well. We the real Kings in this life.'

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