Erica Mena Looked Gorgeous For Her Birthday - See Her Stunning Anniversary Dress

Erica Mena Looked Gorgeous For Her Birthday - See Her Stunning Anniversary Dress
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Erica Mena is 32 years old and she just celebrated her birthday . She wore a gorgeous nude dress, which totally complimented her pregnant figure. See the pics and footage below.

'This year's Birthday dress was super special ✨We had to make sure baby girl fit. 🥰 Thank you @albinadylaofficial ♥️' Erca captioned one of her posts.

She shared another post on her social media account which she captioned with the following words:

'Birthday Glam✨♥️ MUA: @koreankandy Hair: @anahellabridal - I can’t thank these Queen’s enough for always making sure I feel amazing. You rearranged your schedule for me often doesn’t go unnoticed. I appreciate your talent and love so much. Thank you Rebecca & Veronica 🌹✨🌹 ( @lillyLashes style - Miami )'

A fan said: 'Happy Birthday to one of the baddest u one of my fav Scorps besides Jos which says alot cause don't even like em like that. U got the same Bday as my older bro!'

A follower posted: '@iamerica_mena ...Your glow is beautiful! I'm so Happy for you and @safaree ...May God keep Blessing your union! 💙'

One of Erica: 'I've been obsessed with your whole pregnancy your always glowing with good energy 🥵'

Someone else brought up the vaccination issue that had Erica in the spotlight not too long ago:

'Have your son watch #Vaxxed and #Vaxxed2. Yall ARE doing the right thing by not injecting baby girl with known neurotoxins. The “benefits” are NOT worth the risks. Breastmilk is amazing for her immune system and all she needs. 💖'

Just in case you don't know,  Erica disappointed a lot of her fans when she revealed that she is not planning on vaccinating her baby girl.

A few days ago, Erica shared a text conversation between her and her 11-year-old son, King Conde, in which they were arguing on this topic .

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