Erica Mena Is Strong To The Core - Check Out Her Amazing Figure That Makes Safaree Samuels Crazy

Erica Mena Is Strong To The Core - Check Out Her Amazing Figure That Makes Safaree Samuels Crazy
Credit: BET

Erica Mena is a gorgeous woman, but she's working really hard to maintain her figure. During the lockdown, she has been working out at home like crazy, together with her hubby, Safaree Samuels.

They have been keeping fans updated and shared various workout clips on their social media account.

Their efforts definitely paid off, and Erica just shared a pic in which you can see her tones body really good. Check out the photo that has a lot of fans in awe below.

'To the core I’m strong. I’m bringing it your way VERY soon My Queens👑' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Omg all I can sing in my head seeing this picture is Keri Hilson song energy lol remember the video!!?' and another follower posted this: 'Let's not forget she had surgery first.' no, she didn’t she’s always worked out no surgery.'

A follower said: 'watch her video with Chris Brown , 2005, she has always been a gorgeous girl.'

One other follower said: 'even if she did have surgery I'll take that kind of surgery if they can make my body look like that! You still don't get those kinds of results without working out. Key to it all work out!'

Somoene else said: '@iamerica_mena you were always beautiful.....BUT BAAAAABY now that you are married you are oozing with that GLOW and it screams you are being loved right. You looking amazing.'

A commenter said: 'Unbelievable @iamerica_mena how lucky is @safaree can’t wait to see your beautiful baby xx,' and one person also gushed over Erica: 'I always say how you came along the way every time I see your post. You were always beautiful but I knew you just need the right person to truly love you and make you feel comfortable with loving back in order for you to fully blossom.'

Erica is living her best life together with Safaree and their baby girl.


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