Erica Mena Is Showing Love To All The Mothers Out There

Erica Mena Is Showing Love To All The Mothers Out There
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Erica Mena is showing love to all the moms out there. Check out the message that she shared on her social media account.

Check out her tweet here.

Someone said: 'So true. Salute to us all! I am a PROUD mommy of 5. Teen mom at 17. No support from ex husband really. I work 2-3 jobs to support mine. I have 2 degrees. I fall but I get back up. They’ll never understand.'

A commenter posted this: 'Women do hold a supernatural strength, and endurance like no other that should be acknowledged and celebrated. However, we are not Kings, and for those REAL KINGS/MEN that hold it down, are loving, patient and dedicated to being an example and provider should be celebrated too!'

One fan said: 'I hope you know God is separating you from ya bd. Cause his luck is running out and you have alot more potential."

A follower posted: 'The real Queens still work just fine. If you were a smart woman, you would know that there is more power behind the throne.'

Someone else said: 'Kudos to you Erica! It takes a super mom to put business to the side to be the mother your kids deserve! Rock your crown!'

Someone else said: 'Oh please! You are literally a part-time mother. You want to be worshipped and praised for doing what is mandatory. You are in clubs and doing salicious things for fast money every other day. Girl sit this out boo.'

Erica Mena   is looking amazing five months after she gave birth. Check out the post that she shared on her IG account.

'Almost 5 months postpartum! Sending all my Mommy’s ESPECIALLY the new ones sooooooo much LOVE! Love on your mental health. You get stronger each day,' Erica captioned her post.


A follower posted this: 'Thank you so much for this! Any single parent knows how hard it is. All love and support to those who know.'

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