Erica Mena Is Proud To Call Her Husband Safaree 'The Leader Of Our Kingdom'

Erica Mena Is Proud To Call Her Husband Safaree 'The Leader Of Our Kingdom'
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Erica Mena gushes over Safaree at the beginning of 2020. She told fans that he created his best work so far, and she also said that she's proud to have such a hubby. Check out Erica's message on her IG account below.

'Jan 24, 2020, STRAITT πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΏ I watched my husband literally create his very best work. So honored to call him the leader of our kingdom. This is it!!! @safaree,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone praised the couple and said: 'When you got a real one ☝🏽 In your life things start falling in place as they should period.'

One commenter said: 'I love this couple. You know they truly love each other because they never air their arguments on social media, which a lot of couples do now. They just support & love each other & ignore all the hate. That has to be hard. This is a couple to truly support.'

An Instagrammer posted this: 'A Puerto Rican mom and Jamaican dad and Erica Mena is her mom!!! Lol yall daughter gonna b a handful.'

A diehard fan said that 'I truly love how u guys motivate and uplift one another as a wife and husband's beautiful to watch each and every accomplishment that yall conquered and looking forward to many more to come.πŸ€—'

One other of Erica's fans said: 'God bless your Safari may you continue with lots of success so proud of you. Never going to be an amazing father and a great husband may God bless you both.'

Just the other day, Erica shared her gratitude publicly on her social media account for the great life that she has.

She has the best hubby, Safaree, and she is also expecting his baby girl. Fans cannot wait to meet the baby, as well.

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