Erica Mena Is Proud To Announce Her Husband, Safaree's New Album: 'This Body Of Work Is Incredible!'

Erica Mena Is Proud To Announce Her Husband, Safaree's New Album: 'This Body Of Work Is Incredible!'
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Erica Mena is really supportive of her hubby, Safaree, and she's been promoting his new album for a while. Now, she told fans and followers that the album had been just dropped, and she's asking people what's their favorite tune off the album.

Check out Erica's post below.

'♥️ It’s here! I’m so proud of you. They can’t deny this body of work is incredible. @safaree - What’s your favorite track y’all?' Erica captioned her post.

Fans congratulated Safaree, and they also shared their favorite song on the album.

Someone said: 'Congratulations to the both of you on all the positive things you have going on. Stay blessed. ♥️' and another commenter posted this: 'Downloaded for sure! I will love & appreciate a birthday shoutout! It’s my birthday today! 😁❤️'

One other Instagrammer congratulated Safaree as well and said: 'Congratulations my guy Safaree🙏🏽✨ you out in their work, and it never goes unnoticed. 💯'

Someone addressed the love between Erica and Safaree: 'Yay!!! The love you two share for one another is so sweet! ❤' and another fan said: 'Love all the song, but No Regular girl is my all-time favorite loved you in the music video.'

Someone told Erica, 'The way you love and uplift Safaree is what he has always deserved ❤️' and another fan priased the album: 'The whole album is good, but purpose of love is my fav. My hubby n I can relate #scorpiocancergang.'

Another follower said: 'Hard to choose!!! I’m going with WHY and Purpose of Love BUT I honestly love them all @safaree. The ENTIRE EP🔥🔥🔥.'

Erica made her fans extremely happy these days when she shared a lot of pics and videos from her and Safaree's wedding.

Erica crowned her wedding posts with a gorgeous and emotional video that had everyone crying and sharing love in the comments.

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