Erica Mena Is Grateful To Cardi B For Using Her Energy And Time For What Really Matters

Erica Mena Is Grateful To Cardi B For Using Her Energy And Time For What Really Matters
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Erica Mena gushed over Cardi B and showed her gratitude for the rapper. She shared a video featuring cardi on her social media account and you can see her caption below.

'When you are powerful 👑 And use your energy for what really matters. - 2020 is so important for our country. For our future. Let’s keep in mind we have a war zone of hate in our backyard. We can’t let this devil stay in office. Do research. Know who’s for US the people. Thanks @iamcardib for using your energy and time for what matters most!' Erica captioned the video.

Somoene said: 'Talk all the shit yall want, but she’s actually using her platform to try to make a change and she’s standing on that shit.‼️'

One commenter wrote: 'Exactly this is what’s important and should be talked other than all this other fuck shit. Keep doing and being you girl. BX stand up.'

Someone else shared: 'Is she for the people or just for her people, people crossing the border cause I’m a lil lost to the fact of y’all only want the ppl to agree when it benefit y’all it’s so much going on in the world right now from the killing to the woman being missed used by men in office and entertainment some of y’all entertainers are really funny.'

Another follower seems to agree with Cardi: 'Well Said...that's one i luv this about Cardi.... she uses her voice and energy for enlightenment and positivity concerning politics and what's going on in this country....this how u suppose to use one's platform. Kudos to her!'

A person also gushed over Cardi but also had some points to make and said the following: 'This is a prime example of how the content of one’s message can be displaced by the illiteracy of the speaker. She's cool, and I’m glad she’s standing up and speaking out towards politics in an essence of getting others involved, but how can we place accolades for someone who clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about?'

The same person continued and said: 'Her main argument was she was scared about what Bernie could do in the future because he didn’t explain his plans... he has, which is a reason anyone could be skeptical but that’s besides the point. She should really work on her communication so people can take her more seriously. Embrace the opportunity you were given to better yourself, don’t use it as a way of settling for ignorance.'

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