Erica Mena Is Celebrating Her 32 Birthday - Check Out Her Emotional Message

Erica Mena Is Celebrating Her 32 Birthday - Check Out Her Emotional Message
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Happy Birthday, Erica Mena! Erica is celebrating her 32nd anniversary today, and she wanted to mark this event with more gorgeous photos on her social media account and an emotional message.

'November 8, 2018 - My birthday message: You always imagined you’d have it so together, life would be all figured out and you’d go around saying, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this”. In these visions, I also imagined at 31 I would’ve had three kids by now and married,' Erica began her post.

She continued and told her fans: 'In some areas, I feel like I’ve got it sorted, but mostly I’m still figuring everything out. NOW NOVEMBER 2019 So much can happen in a year...... Last year around this exact same time I was questioning why my personal life wasn’t where I always wanted it to be at 31 years of age. Now I’m turning 32 tomorrow married with a smart perfect son and a baby on the way. ♥️🙏🏽 Gods timing! Trust in HIM. ( Thank you @mr_guerra x @blu_gem_ )'

Kiyomi Leslie wrote: 'So proud of the woman you’ve become Erica. You have a heart of gold and the strength of a fearless lion. Brave and Beautiful and always walking in your truth. Thanks for showing us that especially me. 😘❤️ Happy EARLY birthday beautiful.'

A follower posted this: 'Girl you are slaying this pregnancy fashion game😍🙌💗' and someone else wrote: 'you put faith in yourself, and let go and let God handle the rest. You are blessed and I’m happy to see your dreams come true. 🖤'

A fan told Erica: 'Amen. 2019 has been an amazing life-changing struggle of a blessing,' and someone else told Safaree's wife: 'God I see what you are doing for others! I know you are still on the throne!'

Someone else wrote: 'Happy early birthday to a very beautiful intelligent woman and awesome mother me and my 9 hope u enjoy ur birthday.'

Erica has been glowing since she got pregnant. The woman is definitely living her best life these days.

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