Erica Mena Invites Fans To Watch BET's Movie 'Sacrifice' In Which She's Also Featured - Here's The Trailer

Erica Mena Invites Fans To Watch BET's Movie 'Sacrifice' In Which She's Also Featured - Here's The Trailer
Credit: BET

Erica Mena told fans that they could watch the movie called Sacrifice, in which she is also featured. Safaree's wife is also a producer of this movie, just in case you didn't know. Check out the trailer that she shared on her social media account below.

'‪#Sacrifice starring @PaulaPattonOfficial Streaming Now! Exclusively on @betplus you may ask HOW do I log on to @betplus ? Go to the App store NOW! On your iPhone, iPad or Android, go to the search bar and type in BET plus, and it will come up. Sign up, you get the first week free, and watch Sacrifice, the new orignal movie soon to be a series. If you don’t already have your subscription, now is the time to get it!!! Watch with your family today. Easy to sign up. @footagefilmsstudios brings you #Sacrifice, from the writer director and creator, Chris Stokes @chrisstokes1969,' Erica captioned her post.

Fans showed their excitement in the comments as you will see below. People are really waiting forward to see the film.

Someone said: 'I can't wait to watch this. It really looks like it's going to be really good.'

A follower posted this: 'You’re my favorite person idgaf what nobody has to say! I’ve watched you over the years and I’ve seen you hurt, betrayed, and many more things. The dream you’re living now, you deserve it.'

One other commenter wrote: 'This was really good but I didn’t like the ending will there be a part 2,' and a fan asked: 'You mean to tell me you're an actor and I’ve probably watched you before and didn’t make the connection?'

Someone else said: 'Word! I knew it was gonna turn into a series cause it ended all weird & ish 🙌🏽'

In other news, earlier, Erica shared an emotional video from her engagement to Safaree on her social media account.

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