Erica Mena Insinuates Joe Budden Cheated On Cyn Santana After Last Night's 'LHH' Explosive Episode

Erica Mena Insinuates Joe Budden Cheated On Cyn Santana After Last Night's 'LHH' Explosive Episode
Credit: Source: WE TV

Joe Budden and Safaree Samuels had an argument that almost came to blows in last night's episode of 'Love and Hip Hop.' It was due to the fact that Safaree brought Cyn Santana's ex-girlfriend on a cast trip -- much to Joe's dismay.

The episode was filmed last year when rumors that Safaree and Erica Mena were dating first surfaced. Cyn and Erica dated on and off for years and don't get along very well anymore.

Before the group of friends went to Costa Rica, Joe asked Safaree if he was going to invite his new girl so he could have a heads up. Originally, the Jamaican artist said no.

Much to the surprise of those on the vacation, Erica Mena popped up and was tanning at the resort.

Joe confronted Safaree who didn't see the big deal which set the former Complex show host off. The episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Fans were split on whose side to be on.

Some felt that it was wrong that Samuels invited Santana's ex who she infamously doesn't get along with and not tell her or Budden about it. Others claimed that Joe was overreacting -- especially because Mena wasn't around the group at all.

Erica and the viewers took their feelings to Twitter where the newly engaged woman dropped a bomb.

After a fan said: " # LHHNY I really don’t care for @ JoeBudden comfront’n @ IAMSAFAREE we ain’t even kno @ iamErica_Mena was there...  who cares"

Mena retweeted it with her own response: "I don’t get it especially since no one really cared , let alone asked about Cyn whereabouts when he brought another female to my mans crib.  Who cares."

She added: "Mentioned me enough like candy man. I wasn’t even bothering anyone. Not even on the show go figure. let me get back to my real life now."

Do you believe what Erica said about Joe? Was she being petty?


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