Erica Mena Has Fans Saying 'Perfection' When They See Her Latest Pics

Erica Mena Has Fans Saying 'Perfection' When They See Her Latest Pics
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Erica Mena posted some photos that blew her fans' minds away. She is not wearing too much and her followers are flooding her comments section with praising words. See the images that have Safaree in awe here:

'If you lurk 🤑 You care. @mattecollection,' Erica captioned her photos.

Fans are simply in love with her stretch marks and with the fact that she doesn't alter them in the pics: 'Stretch marks n all I loveeeee it!!!!! Naturalism at it finest 😍' someone said.

One commenter posted: 'I really don't hate the fact that you don't airbrush your skin and beat your face in every picture. Perfection.'

A fan said, 'Love how you embrace your stretch marks in your stomach.. lol it’s taking me some time my son ruined by stomach😭😭'

A fan told Erica, 'You can tell you are so happy your skin has a natural glow.. and I love that you make it ok to show your mother scars ..doesn’t make me feel so bad about having some lol.'

Someone else wrote: 'And the most beautiful part of this picture to me are those beautiful stretch marks! 😍#SelfLove #BestLove.'

A fan posted: 'Girl you are naturally beautiful. I love how safaree loves you for you! You don't ever need to wear makeup! Naturally gorgeous ✨ It’s so beautiful how u show us those🐯 stripes..11 years later and I’m still trying to learn how to cope with mine..Thank u beautiful.'

Not too long ago, Erica shared a bunch of videos and pics lately from Safaree’s birthday celebrations and one particular photo sparked pregnancy rumors among her fans.

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