Erica Mena Gets Ready For A Fire 2021 - Check Out The New Photos She Just Dropped

Erica Mena Gets Ready For A Fire 2021 - Check Out The New Photos She Just Dropped
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Erica Mena just shared some bomb photos on her social media account that managed to impress her fans. Check out the pics that she shared on her IG account below.

'Hey babiesssss ☺️ 2021 I will be fucking up the gram alll ovah again ✨ Laced in my @poshbyv,' Erica captioned heer post.

Someone said: ' I should’ve come to witness this in person ... goodness 😍' and another follower posted this message: ' I mean you didn’t have to do it to them like that 😘.'

Another follower said: 'So damn gorgeous and beautiful bae wifey @iamerica_mena 💙💙.'

A fan posted: 'WHERE on this body does it say you gave birth ❤️😂💯🔥' and someone else said: 'tag me and say poggers at inappropriate times like tragedies or the loss of a loved one.'

Someone else said: 'It’s only right! Especially when the mental right! Let’s go!'

More people continued to praise her looks like there's no tomorrow.

Erica dropped all kinds of juicy pics back in 2020 as well and made her fans go crazy with them all over social media. Safaree was one of the people who always made sure to hop on her IG account and praise his wife.

In other recent news, Erica Mena  shared a video in which she is showing off a few jewels that managed to impress her fans. You can check this clip out and her message as well below.

‘I’m back with my Jewler @traxnyc ! Let’s talk quality and clarity. My guy @traxnyc provides custom top quality work, and he doesn’t overcharge like the rest of these guys. I’m buying timeless pieces, and I’m not having to pay diamond District rent fees. Anyway here is my custom sapphire bracelet to match my rose gold Daytona. Watch how @traxnyc makes my bracelet with love!!!’ Erica said.


Erica is living her best life with her family these days.

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