Erica Mena Celebrates The Birthday Of Her BFF - Her Photo Triggers Backlash

Erica Mena Celebrates The Birthday Of Her BFF - Her Photo Triggers Backlash
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Erica Mena celebrated the birthday of one of her BFFs, and the photo that she shared on her social media account in order to mark the event triggered a backlash from some fans. Check out her post below.

'Screaming HAPPY Motha Fuckin Birthday Bitchhhhhh! @cassiiemelinda You keep me laughing and feeling normal all the time. Love you to the moon and back shit head! Many Many More!!!' Erica captioned her post.

More people told her that this photo is not appropriate for a married woman.

Someone else said: '@iamerica_mena ✨ as a married woman who’s man understands and accepted her for who she is then this picture won’t make or break their marriage if your husband does not mind you being you then do you girl! ✨✨ Happy birthday to her.'

A commenter posted this; 'I'm pretty sure her husband doesn't mind how she takes picture's people to need to stay in their own FU*KING lane🤷.'

One follower said: 'My two faves ♥️♥️♥️ Happy Birthday love 💕 May god provide you with many more blessed as blissful years to come.'

Someone else found another reason to pick on Erica.

Another person posted this message: 'For the last time BOX BRAIDS are a cultural heritage for black women and girls please CAUCASIAN, LATINO, ASIAN please stop wearing box braids is DISRESPECTFUL AND IT HURTS US TO THE CORE!!!!!!!!!!!@iamerica_mena.'

Someone else wrote: 'you sound ignorant right now. She is Dominican and Puerto Rican. The boat stopped there before it even thought of the United States. So it's part of our cultural heritage too.'

In other news, there have been all kinds of rumors claiming that Erica Mena and Safaree are having trouble  in paradise.

This whole thing started when Erica posted all kinds of pics in which she was not wearing her wedding band, and that’s why fans assumed the worst.

Erica tried to kill those rumors by posting pics from her wedding – it’s their one year anniversary! Now, she deleted the photo.

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