Erica Mena Asks Fans To Donate For The Family Of Breonna Taylor - It Should Have Been Her Birthday

Erica Mena Asks Fans To Donate For The Family Of Breonna Taylor - It Should Have Been Her Birthday
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Erica Mena remembers Breonna Taylor whose birthday should have been. She also asked fans to donate for her family and to continue to ask for justice.

A follower said: 'Happy Birthday #BreonnaTaylor 💕🙏🏽Please swipe and learn how you can donate to her family and help get her justice.'

Someone else said: 'Happy birthday, #breonnataylor 🙏may the Lord continue to watch over you and your family.'

A commenter wrote: 'Happy Birthday to a life that was taking long before it was time. I'm under the impression she’s already had a burial and no children so why are we supposed to be donating to the family ??? That's all adults. they see how much money Floyd’s family generated by GREED now its lets jump on the bandwagon time smfh profiting off of a loved one's death SAD.'

One follower said: '@govandybeshear why haven’t you arrested the 3 officers who senselessly killed Breonna Taylor yet? What are you waiting for? WE DEMAND JUSTICE!!!!!! #breonnataylor.'

Erica also addressed another important issue on her social media account.

Someone said:'When I put this, people called me a racist and tell me I don’t care about blacks smh this world and shit I’m going to outer space I’ll pick you up on the way.'

A commenter noted this: 'And yet nobody protesting for them smh this world is still not 💯 woke.'

Someone else had this message for Erica: 'Please keep in mind that anytime you post anything other what’s pertaining to the issue at hand, you are saying yea them but what about me. It’s not about you right now, it’s about BLACK LIVES! how are you going to say let’s not forget about the immigration subject and the people that it was affecting forgot about it? Guess what, we didn’t forget about our oppression! We got up and said “no more” with all due respect, and I mean this with love and so much appreciation, we didn’t ask.'

Recently, Erica impressed her fans with a video that she shared on her social media account. In the clip, George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna Floyd said that her daddy changed the world.

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