Erica Mena Announces Fans That BET's Movie 'Sacrifice' Is Streaming Now

Erica Mena Announces Fans That BET's Movie 'Sacrifice' Is Streaming Now
Credit: BET

Erica Mena is proud to announce her fans that the movie which she helped produce, and she's starring in as well is streaming since the past month. BET's Sacrifice is also featuring Jordyn Woods as well.

Check out Erica's post that she shared on her social media account.

'‪#Sacrifice starring @PaulaPattonOfficial Streaming Now! Exclusively on @betplus you may ask HOW do I log on to @betplus ? Go to the App store NOW! On your iPhone, iPad or Android, go to the search bar and type in BET plus, and it will come up,' Erica began the caption of her post.

She continued and told fans 'Sign up, you get the first week free, and watch Sacrifice, the new original movie soon to be a series. If you don’t already have your subscription, now is the time to get it!!! Watch it with your family today. Easy to sign up. @footagefilmsstudios brings you #Sacrifice, from the writer-director and creator, Chris Stokes.'

One follower commented: 'I'm so glad this want to be more to this show..... I'm really looking forward to it.'

Someone else said: 'I definitely need a show sis. Cause I need to know what happened after that ending. And I need to know what’s going to happen with you and your man (in the movie).'

Erica is living her best life these days, and she cannot wait to give birth to her and Safaree's baby girl.

She just shared a photo featuring her baby bump, and Safaree kisses her pregnant belly with love.

Fans adore the picture, and they cannot stop but rave over Erica's gorgeous natural face.

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