Erica Mena And Safaree May Be Preparing For A $350K Livestream Wedding After Sparking Pregnancy Rumors

Erica Mena And Safaree May Be Preparing For A $350K Livestream Wedding After Sparking Pregnancy Rumors
Credit: Source: Ebony

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels have been hinting that they were seeing each other for a few weeks now but the couple shocked the world when the rapper proposed to his newfound lady love on Christmas Eve. Now the reality stars are cooking up something that fans will be pleased to know.

Shortly after the proposal went viral, internet detectives pulled out receipts of Erica Mena storing some extra weight in her usually flat midsection. Naturally, pregnancy rumors have been piling up although Mena claims that it is just a 'food baby.'

Now, the "Love and Hip Hop" OG took to social media to announce that they had a big surprise that will be revealed soon. Most people think that it will be their confirmation that there is a new baby on the way but according to a recent report, it may be something different.

TMZ reports that the two has just received a $350k offer to live stream their wedding via Instagram. Not only do the number of followers that they each possess work in their favor, but a live stream will also garner likes and comments.

The engaged lovers have not accepted the proposal because they are waiting on more. However, they might go the traditional reality TV route and cut a deal with their network, VH1.

The ratings for the next season of the "LHH" franchise will be through the roof if it shows how this romance played out. Mona Scott Young has a way of producing shows that pull millions in viewership.

This comes after Erica and Safaree took to their respective Instagrams to comment on their engagement.

Mena captioned a photo of her gorgeous ring: "I’m absolutely the luckiest woman in the world ❤️?? A Man who has never been afraid to love me. A MAN who has been here and knows everything I been through. Everything before this- It no longer matters. ❤️?Wedding date set. To our family and friends- Check your mailbox very soon ❤️? Custom made and designed by @iamsafaree & @traxnyc ? 14CTS in Asscher cut Russian cut and a cushion cut center stone diamond - Every single detail was @iamsafaree idea ❤️?? You truly are a KING ???"

Meanwhile, Safaree posted: "Been planning this since your Birthday. From Center stone shopping to Ring design to Sneaking rings on your fingers in your sleep to get your ring size, ordering 10,000 rose petals 200 candles, a Fireworks show in your backyard, 112 @daronfrom112 sing Crazy over you and @exit21_music singing can you stand the rain and a bunch another stuff I won’t mention. sorry I lied about us going on a fancy date ?? It’s crazy i thought i was happy being single but it’s no better feeling than having that teammate/ best friend/ partner. There was definitely a void that you filled. Thank you jasmin ❤️ I plan on being the Best Husband ever put on this earth!"

What do you think the big announcement is? Will they have a public wedding?


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