Erica Dixon Shares Adorable Picture Of Her Three Daughters Much To The Delight Of 'Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans

Erica Dixon Shares Adorable Picture Of Her Three Daughters Much To The Delight Of 'Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans
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It appears that even though Erica Dixon and her close ones are self-isolating in their home during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the life of the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star is anything but boring.

The reality television actress is currently busier than ever, as she has to take care of her infant twin girls, Embrii and Eryss, who are less than a year old.

However, it appears that Dixon had an unexpected helper in the face of her 14-year-old daughter that she shares with her former partner Lil' Scrappy, Emani Richardson, and the 35-year-old celebrity took to Instagram to share a new photograph of her three children playing together.

In the snap, which was titled with the words "This girl is in the play pin with the twins!! She plays too much. Lol," showed Emani spending some quality time with her baby sisters.

The post instantly generated a lot of Likes, and Dixon's numerous followers showered her with compliments about her beautiful children and their bond.

The mom of three explained: "I deal with so much behind closed doors. I'm normally quiet and try to let things past. I'm the one friends, and family confide in and want advice from. I get tired, frustrated, and want someone I can lean on too. I don't have that person yet, but God saw fit to give me three beautiful children who take it all away. My kids are truly my happy place. (Briizy didn't want to participate) "

The reality TV star was under a lot of backlash recently, as she revealed that her twins were not vaccinated and would never be.

Apparently, the father of the girls was vegan and definitely against the vaccination of Embrii and Eryss. For the time being, the identity of Dixon's current partner remains hidden from the public, but it seems that he is the inspiration for her choice to embrace veganism.

Even though her firstborn child, Emani, was vaccinated when she was younger, Dixon explained that at the time, she did not know it was such a controversial subject and stated: "To each its own, but mine won't be vaccinated."

One fan said: "Ericadixon, I've always like you from LHHATL! Your spirit so passionate, and your heart filled with love. I haven't watched in years, but it's great to see your prayers manifested and blessings pouring down upon you and your beautiful family. Continue to pray, trust, and believe in him, and May God keep you all covered under the blood!"

Dixon dances to her beat.

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