Erica Dixon Releases Sweet New Photo With Twin Daughters As 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' As Fans Bash Lil Scrappy For His Behavior

Erica Dixon Releases Sweet New Photo With Twin Daughters As 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' As Fans Bash Lil Scrappy For His Behavior
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Even though Erica Dixon likes her privacy, and she has not been very active on social media with regards to her twin daughters, she does occasionally let fans get a glimpse and likes to tease people with photos of her life behind the scenes.

Just recently, her followers on social media were treated to a cute picture of Dixon and her twin daughters, Embrii and Eryss, which immediately exploded in popularity and started making the rounds.

The three can be seen enjoying a meal at a restaurant, and they were obviously quite happy to be together in the same shot.

Dixon can be seen holding her daughters in her arms, smiling for the camera, and clearly enjoying herself quite a lot.

The girls were dressed in cute outfits for the occasion as well, and many of the comments on the post noted how stylish their outfits looked, and how well they matched the shot itself.

The two twins are still just half a year old, and it is pretty reasonable that Dixon is maintaining a low profile about them on social media to protect their privacy.

At the same time, she can probably benefit a lot in terms of popularity by sharing more pictures of them and being more open about their life, at least to some extent.

One fan told the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star: "Beautiful chocolate babies. I love seeing chocolate. Erica, your a strong black beautiful woman. Keep doing what you do.💯💯💯💯❤️♥️"

Another person shared: "How do you know who is who lol... It took me over six months to be able to know my twins as they are Identical as well. Well done mama you are doing a great job 🙌👌😘😘Omg I would have to put a bracelet on them to tell them apart💖"

This follower slammed Dixon's baby daddy, Lil Scrappy, who insulted her: "Girl, tell your baby daddy to shut up. You can spot an immature man, that loves to play the victim a mile away. Trying to portray your like you’re just a vindictive person. Smh."

Another supporter called Bambi Benson's husband a clown: "Girl, scrappy is a clown 🤡 looking for attention. He needs to take the posts down. He and bam really need to get a life. She’s encouraging him. Hell, she’s probably the one that showed him and told him to put them up. We all know you ain’t on that, and Emani is old enough. I’m sorry he’s too stupid to see that this could impact her social life. He’s bitter and still wants you. I said what I said...."

Fans are saying for Emani's sake they hope Dixon and Lil Scrappy make peace.

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