Erica Dixon Goes On A Fancy Quarantine Lunch Date In New TikTok Video And There Is A Twist

Erica Dixon Goes On A Fancy Quarantine Lunch Date In New TikTok Video And There Is A Twist
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It appears that Erica Dixon is finding new ways to keep herself entertained during the periods of self-isolation and staying at home, as the 35-year-old recently shared a new TikTok video, in which she offered her fans a rare glimpse of her life under quarantine.

At the beginning of the footage, the reality television star could be seen doing some exercises with the help of a chair in her home, before she becomes tired of that, as the camera switches to another scene, where Dixon is sitting with her twin babies.

However, in the end, the talent from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta could be seen dressed up and walking out of her home door, as she sets off to the table and chair placed outside, where she had prepared some food and a bottle of wine in advance.

The celebrity looks delighted at the sight of what lies on the table, and she happily sits and grabs the bottle of wine.

In the caption of her post, Dixon explains that she was quite bored, and as a result, she took herself out to eat "literally."

The video clip quickly grabbed the attention of Dixon's massive fandom, and footage was liked by thousands of people.

A lot of fans took to the comment section to express their delight at the post and admiration for Lil Scrappy's baby mama. One user wrote, "You are so beautiful, always admired you."

Another commenter stated: "Erica, every time I look at Emanii, Eryss, and Embrii, I am reminded of how much God loves you! He had to bless you with those three blessings! And God has rewarded your faithfulness to Him because He is pleased with how you thank Him on the regular, and if you think that He is blessing you now, prepare yourself for overflow! Pray for Him to give you room to accept it all! 😘"

A third person revealed: "Girl you done took yourself out on a lunch date.😂" This follower shared: "Yes, sis😂😘 this outfit and the food."

A fifth comment read: "I’m just here for lunch and wine. 😩❤️😍 God bless you."

Some were really impressed by Dixon's idea to eat outside of her home. Emani Richardson's mother is very creative with her content.

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