Eniko Hart Addresses The Hardships She Managed To Overcome With Kevin Hart

Eniko Hart Addresses The Hardships She Managed To Overcome With Kevin Hart
Credit: BET

Eniko Hart addressed a regrettable and sad event from her life recently. She talked about the time when Kevin Hart cheated on her, and The Shade Room has all the details.

This has been a really hard year for the couple because apart from the cheating scandal, Kevin also had a pretty severe car accident, if you recall.

TSR writes that 'From public scandals, to his tragic car accident, Kevin has overcome it all! Now the Harts are spilling all the tea in their #Netflix documentary.'

TSR continued and revealed that 'For the first time, Eniko is opening up about how she discovered her husband was cheating on her with another woman back in 2017. She says she found out via Instagram DMs.'

'How I found out was a DM. I don't know who it was,' Eniko said and continued, 'They sent me an edited video of Kevin, and you know, another woman.'

She continued to detail the difficult experience, and also spoke about her pregnancy at the time.

Kevin Hart hopped in the comments of TSR and slammed the outlet saying the following:

'Such a strong powerful documentary and this is the headline that you pull from it...sad times we live in. Carry on. Have a blessed and beautiful day...happy new year.'

A follower said: 'I actually have so much more respect for your hustle after watching the documentary. You are truly an inspiration #Salute.'

Someone else posted: 'well, my guy and I started watching it, and we got way more out of it than that. Smh.'

A lot of people are supportive of both Kevin and Eniko these days.

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