Empire Showrunner Brett Mahoney Reveals How He Intends To Have Jussie Smollett's Character Disappear

Empire Showrunner Brett Mahoney Reveals How He Intends To Have Jussie Smollett's Character Disappear
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Jussie Smollett's legal squabbles played the primary role in his firing from Empire in the sixth and final season of the popular series. On account of his important role as Jamal Lyon, Jussie's absence will likely be noticed by viewers of the show.

According to a report from BET.com, speaking with reporters from TV Line, Brett Mahoney, the showrunner, explained how they intend to have Jussie's character disappear from the show. Mahoney said to TV Line that Jussie's character will be "taking a sabbatical from the family," and therefore won't be seen in the entire season.

According to Brett, "Jamal and Kai have decided to stay in London," adding that their decision to remove Jussie in this way is consistent with Jamal Lyon's view on family drama from the last season, that being the necessity for the family to move away from the business.

As it was previously reported, Jamal Lyons married Kai Givens, played by Toby Unwumere, in what was a record-breaking moment on television. It was the first time that a black and gay couple had ever tied the knot on prime-time television.

Jussie's departure from Empire was definitely quite dramatic. And while the public has, for the most part, viciously criticized the actor, especially on social media, his Empire co-stars wrote a letter to 20th Century Fox, Fox, and Empire , asking for his reinstatement.

At the time, the network said they were negotiating a deal for the actor to come back, however, later on, Lee Daniels took to his Twitter to say there was no way that Jussie was coming back to the show at all. Mr. Daniels, the creator, appeared to be quite adamant in his social media post.

At the beginning of 2019, Jussie found himself involved in a highly publicized faux-hate crime case after he allegedly orchestrated an assault against himself. The actor reportedly paid two Nigerian-American brothers to attack him one evening while he was coming home from Subway.

Following an investigation from the Chicago Police, authorities turned their attention toward Jussie. Sources in the police station claimed they had many reasons to believe Jussie was guilty of facilitating the attack on himself.

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