Emmy Nominee Shailene Woodley Says She Doesn't Own A TV; Is More Of "A Reader"

Emmy Nominee Shailene Woodley Says She Doesn't Own A TV; Is More Of "A Reader"
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Last night's glitz and glam of the Emmy awards was a major moment for some of the most hardworking and diligent stars in the realm of television. Despite being nominated for her work in the television adaptation of Big Little Lies , star Shailene Woodley stated she doesn't own a TV or watch much of it at all.

During an interview on the red carpet, Woodley explained that she hasn't owned a television in over six years and doesn't technically have a permanent residence to purchase one for.

"I technically don't have a home anywhere, so there's nowhere to put a TV," the actress explained. She also added that she's more of a reader.

While there isn't anything wrong with not watching television, it is a bit of a pointed quip when an actress is on television, being recognized for her work on television, and claims she simply doesn't have time for it and prefers reading. The preference isn't the issue, it's the air of pretentiousness.

"All my friends who watch TV, I always ask them when they have time to. When do people have time?"

Many people on social media took issue with Woodley's comments, stating that if people didn't watch TV or make the time to give new shows a chance, the success of something like Big Little Liars wouldn't be possible.

Woodley did start her career as a movie actress and has been in many films that have done really well. While the silver screen has been lauded as superior to the small screen of television, TV is changing in such a way that the quality is often identical to that of a good film, or even sometimes surpasses it.

Woodley's comments are problematic in that it's akin to a movie star asking who even watches movies anymore.

Questioning the medium where you receive praise, adoration and additional visibility isn't a good idea and many aren't happy with the way Woodley came off during this exchange.

Woodley did, however, have incredibly positive and supportive things to say about the cast and crew of Big Little Lies.  The show ended up winning big with eight Emmy wins.

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