Emmy Awards Under Fire For Excluding Several Deceased Comedians And Public Figures

Emmy Awards Under Fire For Excluding Several Deceased Comedians And Public Figures
Source: GeorgiaPublicBroadcasting.com

The Emmy Awards are once again being accused of excluding several actors, comedians, and other public figures from their "In Memoriam" list. Every year, it seems as though yet another person is missing from the list resulting in public outrage.

Some of the individuals who were not mentioned included the likes of Charlie Murphy, Erin Moran, Dick Gregory, Frank Vincent, Sam Sheperd, and Dean Stanton.

Dean Stanton and Vincent passed away one week away from the Awards ceremony, but Murphy died in April, while Dick gave up the ghost in August.

And while the organizers of the event surely can't include every person who has died in 2017, fans on social media do not care.

The consensus from angry fans of the deceased claim there was enough time to show all of the figures in question in the montage.

This has led fans to believe the Emmy organizers forgot about them or purposefully left them out. Other more zealous fans claimed it was due to "racism," because several of them were black, however, the forgotten list included white men and a white woman.

One person noticed that Jerry Lewis, the man who was included as part of the segment, died within one day of Dick.

And perhaps worst of all, The Emmy's production team was criticized severely for taking the time to include Roger Ailes in their segment - the chairman and CEO of Fox News who was accused of sexual assault on several women shortly before his death.

Some of the figures who were included are, Bill Paxton, Mary Tyler Moore, Alan Thicke, Roger Moore, and Carrie Fisher. Despite the outcry from upset fans, the production team of the Awards ceremony has not commented on the matter yet.

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