Emma Stone Reveals Which Celebrity She Would Bring Back To Life After Being A Zombie - As Well As Who She Would Eat

Emma Stone Reveals Which Celebrity She Would Bring Back To Life After Being A Zombie - As Well As Who She Would Eat
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According to a report from E! Online, Emma Stone is gearing up to reprise her role as Wichita from the Zombieland franchise very soon. The star recently filmed the second installment of the series, Zombieland: Double Tap , and she couldn't be happier about it.

Regarding what it's like to work with all of the cast members including the behind-the-camera crew, the star said she loves all of them "so much," adding that it was "pretty dreamy." When asked by E! what she thinks a real apocalypse would look like, she stated there would be a "bunch of couches."

"Pillows and food sound great!" the Zombielan d alum remarked. Moreover, considering the fact the film franchise revolves around the dead getting their second chance at life, reporters asked Emma who she would bring back.

Emma said to them, "Gilda Radner's my favorite." With that said, Emma revealed who she would like to eat like a zombie if she was given the chance. The star said, "Babe," referring to the notorious pig. Stone joked with the outlet, "You know, it's just, it's bacon."

While Emma is known for being down-to-earth, the star was recently a bit bummed out about turning 30-years-old, which led to her feeling depressed for about one week. When she appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine for their February issue, the star said saying goodbye to her twenties was challenging.

Stone said to reporters from the outlet that she realized part of becoming an adult is understanding the "bittersweetness" of it. Stone added she's still finding her voice, so to speak. The Zombieland alum added she has learned that not every person out there will like you, and that's ok.

The actress went on to explain that nobody really knows what they're doing, and everyone is just kind of winging it. Emma first came to prominence in the 2007 comedy, Superbad, but went on to secure larger roles in films like Zombieland, Easy A, Craz y Stupid Love, as well as The Help.

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