Emma Roberts Wears Miu Miu To Holidate Press Day

Emma Roberts Wears Miu Miu To Holidate Press Day
Credit: Source: Emma Roberts/Instagram

Emma Roberts wore Miu Miu to her Holidate press day and the pregnant 29-year-old actress and producer looked fabulous. Emma has the proverbial pregnancy glow and the buttery ruffled dress was the perfect accompaniment to her natural coloring. Emma has become widely praised for her maternity fashion style and she's stayed away from frumpy garments opting for fashionable and glamorous outfits instead. It is clear that Emma prefers dresses throughout her pregnancy and she has looked chic throughout. The Miu Miu Ruffled Dress is the latest garment she's shown off on Instagram and she looked absolutely stunning.

Emma showed off her growing baby bump in the beautiful dress and htough she hasn't stated her due date, she revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she has a few more months to go. She also told her 14.2 million Instagram followers that she is expecting a boy.

You may see a photo and caption of Emma Roberts looking gorgeous in the Miu Miu dress below.

Baby got glam for #holidate movie press day 🎥 🍿 #october 28th on @netflix tap for credits 👗


The Miu Miu Ruffled dress is made from a stretch-silk, crepe georgette blend that allowed the dress to easily glide over Emma's expanding wasitline. Emma is hardly gaining weight anywhere beside her belly and if you didn't know she was pregannt, it would be easy to miss! From the chest up, Emma looks exactly the same and it appears she shouldn't have any problem losing the baby weight after her little bundle of joy arrives.

The Miu Miu ruffled dress retails for approximately $2700.

For footwear, Emma Roberts opted for a pair of flats in a complimentary, neutral tone.

What do you think about Emma Roberts' maternity fashion? Though Emma's life is about to change in a big way, she has been very busy working. Not only is she promoting her upcoming Netflix movie Holidate , but she's been producing with her company Belletrist Productions.


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