Eminem’s Influencer Daughter Hailie Shares Her First Post Of 2021 And She Looks Stunning!

Eminem’s Influencer Daughter Hailie Shares Her First Post Of 2021 And She Looks Stunning!
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The influencer took to her platform to share her very first post of 2021 and fans were excited! Eminem ’s daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, also known as Hailie Jade on her IG, posted a brand new pic only a few days after the new year started - check it out here!

The beauty is posing elegantly, bent over her kitchen counter, a glass of champagne touching her fingers lightly as she rests her chin into her other hand.

At this point, there is no doubt that Hailie has a very special skill when it comes to composing her social media images as they are all beautiful and look professional as well!

As for her fashion, which is always impressive too, Eminem's daughter was wearing what looks like an elegant, beige dress, perfect for a New Year's Eve Party!

Furthermore, she matched it with a pair of chunky gold hoop earrings, her hair styled to look natural and effortless.

As for her makeup, it matched the same vibe, using nude, subtle shades, her long lashes being what stood out.

In the caption, she noted that it was 'The first Monday (and what feels like the first productive day) of 2021' before she went on to ask her followers: '…how is everyone feeling?!'

Fans are especially excited to see her posts these days since Hailie took a break from social media between the months of May and November, returning on November 30 with her first selfie in half a year!

But ever since, she's seemingly been back to her regular schedule, showing off her winter fashion and sharing style tips!

She also marked her birthday since she turned 25 years old on Christmas Day!


Alongside another stunning pic, she wrote at the time: 'Even though this is not the 'golden' birthday I originally would have planned, I know I'll still make 25 my year regardless. I feel so blessed and lucky to be here and at this place in my life.'

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