Eminem's Daughter Pays Tribute To Her Father With Gorgeous Picture

Eminem's Daughter Pays Tribute To Her Father With Gorgeous Picture
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After a lavish vacation, Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, took to social media to pay tribute to the iconic rapper.

For the past few weeks, the young woman had been setting the Internet on fire with a series of sensational bikini photos.

Hailie also made sure to flaunt her fabulous abs in the beach photos. Now that she is back in the freezing cold in Michigan, she has found a clever way to grab the headlines by quoting one her father's songs.

Hailie's picked a line from Eminem's hit song, "Lose Yourself," that goes like this: "He's chokin, how? Everybody's jokin now. The clock's run out, time's up over, blow! Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity. Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked."

The 23-year-old wrote: "Even though it was back to reality this week, i’ve been trying to live through my Hawaii pictures- I posted some “throwbacks” from my trip in my story! also, you can screenshot this look & get the outfit details in the liketoknow.it app. comment below if you want me to link any of the products in my ig story as well!"

One fan stated: "Oh, I know you didn’t just say back to reality. Lol “snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity”I love ur style💖why she doesn't talk more about her father, he's a legend💖Yes!! Maui Hawaii was so beautiful!😊I want to go back. Wish it didn't take 8hrs to get there from Chicago!"

Another person happily shared: "When your to Go drink matches your outfit it's a good. Loved the blue crochet top with the denim shorts from your Hawaii trip, would you be able to link that? 😊Your father did a fantastic job. God bless u and your family little Hailie! I wonder if she laughs at the references or gets annoyed lol."

This fan claimed: "So what you're saying is that you had to snap back to reality? How's the gravity? Yes!!! Please please PLEASE start putting your outfit deets in the like to know app!! Thanks, girl!! You are so fab!😘"

The 45-year-old MC has written several tracks where his only biological child is mentioned including “Castle,” which is solely about entirely Hailie.

She is hoping to become an influencer. It seems she is a natural.

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  • Michael
    Michael Apr 6, 2019 3:29 PM PDT

    Hey Haley it's me Michael I'm a fan of your dad's I've been following him since his career started even way before that when he was underground let me just tell you that you have a talented father I tried so hard to get to the level that he was at I started rapping when I was very young but never went anywhere hopefully I can meet your dad one day and tell him how much of an inspiration he has been to me over the years I've watched him grow like I watch my own daughter girl don't worry I'm nothing like stand I just really understand his music it's funny people hate on me because I know every word to every song he's ever made I just wish I could get my head out of my butt and remember my own stuff I'm a really good dad and I work really hard but my life-long dream is to become a famous artist like Marshall Mathers if you actually see this message please will you let your father know with Michael AR simpkins it's the next person he should put on it's been so long since I wrote but I think I still got it thanks

  • Emfan
    Emfan Apr 6, 2019 12:05 PM PDT

    She looks lovely.

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