Eminem’s Daughter Looks Stunning In Sultry Bathing Suit Picture

Eminem’s Daughter Looks Stunning In Sultry Bathing Suit Picture
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Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers took to social media to share yet another hot pic with her followers! The 23-year-old stunned many in a snap that featured her posing sultrily in a tree while wearing a bathing suit.

Although there is no saying if the rapper approves or not, Hailie is now an adult and she does what she wants!

That being said, if she feels like showing off her body online, that is nothing but her own choice.

After all, after graduating from Michigan State last year, the beauty decided to try and become an Instagram model fulltime and it looks like she is very successful at it since she has more than 1.4 million followers on the photo-sharing platform already!

Hailie has been enjoying a vacation in Hawaii, and so, she used this opportunity to take great pictures for her fans, posting hot bikini images of her two days in a row, much to the enjoyment of her following.

Her first was yesterday, and she showed off her incredible six pack abs while wearing a yellow bathing suit.

Today, she put on an off the shoulder navy blue two piece instead but managed to look just as good.

In this second pic, she can be seen putting her slender legs on display instead, while posing on the branch of a tropical tree.

In the caption, Hailie joked that while there, ‘a rooster almost made me fall out of this tree.’

But despite her legs taking center stage and her bottoms being high waisted, her abs could still be seen a little bit!

The summer look was made perfect by the adorable floppy hat she was also wearing to protect her from the harsh Hawaii sun.

Comments from people fawning over Eminem’s daughter did not take long to appear.

‘You know how many fellas are gonna mention they would catch you @hailiescott1 don’t you..?’ one fan asked, referring to her caption about almost falling out of the tree.

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