Eminem's Daughter Has All Eyes On Her Abs In Alluring Bathing Suit Pictures

Eminem's Daughter Has All Eyes On Her Abs In Alluring Bathing Suit Pictures
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Abs on fire! Eminem's daughter, Hailie Mathers, has all eyes on her as she sets the Internet in a blaze after debuting a series of photos while vacationing in Hawaii.

The young woman posted a photo where she is wearing a gorgeous yellow bikini. She later changed to a blue crochet creation.

Fans agree that Hailie's abs are only comparable to Jennifer Lopez; they also point to the fact that it is not even her best assets.

In a new photo, Hailie showed off her perky derriere in a pair of white yoga pants that confirmed what the world already knew -- she goes hard in the gym.

Fans of Eminem find themselves in a very uncomfortable position. While they find Hailie beautiful, they are afraid to offend the rap God.

One supporter said: "Stans have so much respect for em. Haileys like a sister now. Your fitness goals are paying off!! Keep up the hard work 💪🙌Pls post a photo with your boyfriend, because you are the cutest couple on the earth. ❤️❤️❤️"

Another follower defended her against the critics: "All these comments about ' her whole life is a vacation' Hailie did not choose to be famous, Her father did, so he could give her the life that she deserves, any decent parent would do the same... We all want what's best for our children... So what if she's on Vacay! Do you all not have vacay's? Just because her father is wealthy does not mean she is not entitled to vacations..! She's a human being, her own person she can do whatever she wants... Jealousy gets you nowhere... This is her page; she is an individual and what a beautiful individual she is... Enjoy Hailie 😍⛱️"

This music lover confessed: "Those Abs! Your hard work has paid off! I find Hailie so attractive, but at the same time, I feel so guilty for knowing that she is Slim's daughter. It's weird."

One odd comment read: "I'm ready to risk it all. Difficult to choose what to look at, the beautiful view or the beautiful view."

Hailie is winning the Web.

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