Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Shows Off Her Incredible Abs In Crop Top

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Shows Off Her Incredible Abs In Crop Top
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With every picture she posts on her social media, Eminem’s influencer daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers seems to look more and more in shape! The 23 year old is really passionate about her fitness and her hard work is definitely showing!

Hailie took to her platform earlier today to show off her impressively defined abs but also share the workout routine that has helped her achieve such a healthy body.

While the rapper’s daughter is definitely a beauty, her ripped body is not the result of just good genetics.

In fact, she’s put a lot of hard work into her gym time in order to become so healthy and have such a harmonious figure.

The mirror selfie she shared today shows Hailie in a black and white patterned crop top and matching leggings.

Since the top was cropped, her incredibly toned torso was on display, showing off her cut obliques.

In the caption, she gave a little bit of credit to the lighting as well for highlighting the lines so well but overall, she still made it clear that anyone who wants to look like that needs to work very hard in the gym.

‘90% hard work, 10% lighting 🤷🏼‍♀️,’ she wrote.

Sure enough, on Instagram Stories, the young adult shared with her followers the ab exercises she does to define and maintain her tight core.

One such routine shows her seated on the ground and lifting her legs into the air while also lifting 10 pound weights over her head.

She repeats the movements really fast, forcing her muscles to contract over and over again.

Hailie calls it ‘V-sithold with dumbbells overhead press.’

And that was not all! She showed more of her routine in other clips that you most likely have already watched if you follow the star.

All in all, fans were impressed judging by the comments from people gushing over her amazingly fit body.

Here are a few of their reactions: ‘All that hard work is really paying off you look great Hallie!’ / ‘If someone punched u in the abs their fist would shatter lol’ / ‘All that hard work pays off mama wow speechless keep it coming 🙂👌👍.’

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