Eminem's Daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, Shares A Sizzling Picture From Lollapalooza And Some Stans Are Afraid To Comment

Eminem's Daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, Shares A Sizzling Picture From Lollapalooza And Some Stans Are Afraid To Comment
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Eminem's adult daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, made a stunning appearance at Lollapalooza, with an outfit that quickly drew attention to her from all sides.

It looks like Hailie is all grown up at this point and is ready to take on the world, whether Eminem's protective fans agree with that or not.

Pictures from the event show Hailie in a bra top combined with shorts, showing off her outfit to all her fans.

She also posted another series of pictures that took a closer look at her general attire over the last few months, and it is becoming clear at this point that Hailie is ready to live life on her own.

Some have been speculating for a while that she might try to latch on to her father's fame by becoming an actress or singer, but that does not seem to be the case so far.

For the time being, Hailie has been either maintaining a low public profile or trying to stand out on her own without the help of her father using her impressive social media platform.

Many have commended her on that, while also expressing positive thoughts about Eminem himself, who seems to be handling the job of being her father quite well.

To that end, some have pointed out that Eminem might seem a bit too distant as a parent occasionally, but that is likely on purpose as he is trying to give his daughter more space to breathe, something which she probably appreciates given the way other celebrities have shown that they treat their children in the past.

One fan said: "Just read an article about you being all grown up now, and I had never seen pictures of you before so I figured I would check out your insta. My first thought was WOW she's gorgeous! 👏just showing some ❤️ have a great day!"

Another commenter stated: "Stunning!! 😍 I love the straight hair, and you seriously have the best style, loveeee! ❤️I know you probably here/get told this a lot, but you really are beautiful, and you can tell that it’s inside and out. 🙂😊💯"

This person jokingly shared: "You call her hot on Insta next thing you know he writes you a diss track 😂😂😂"

A fourth backer explained: "Ur so beautiful, my self-confidence is sinking more and more😩❤️she doesn’t wanna live in his shadow also Em is a very private guy."

She is doing things her own way.

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