Eminem's Daughter, Hailie Scott, Flaunts Her Legendary Abs At Bachelorette Party, But Her Pretty Feet Stole The Show In This Picture

Eminem's Daughter, Hailie Scott, Flaunts Her Legendary Abs At Bachelorette Party, But Her Pretty Feet Stole The Show In This Picture
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Influencer Hailie Scott, who is the daughter of the iconic rapper Eminem, has a way of captivating her 1.5 million followers on social media with her stunning pictures that sometimes highlights her impressive physique.

This week, the college graduate took to social media where she posted another sizzling photo flaunting her legendary abs in a black outfit and completed the look with a pair of chic sandals.

Hailie, who was in Nashville for a bachelorette party, captioned the photo: "Had an amazing weekend in Nashville celebrating for @erikachristinephoto ‘s bachelorette party!! Absolutely love that city- have any of you guys visited?!"

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Hailie received a deluge of compliments on her physically fit body, but a few of her fans fell in love with her toes.

One person had this to say about Hailie's feet: "Hailie, the daughter of the rap god! ❤️I am so proud of the woman you've become. Total stranger, I know, but I feel like we all rooted for you back when you were a little girl. You should start doing some makeup/workout YouTube videos! I’d die for your abs, toes, and legs! 😍"

This fan wrote: "Poor Hailie, All her life she'll have comments about her Father, Why can't people appreciate this beautiful individual lady for the women that she is 👑 You look beautiful Hailie that outfit is 🔥You look absolutely stunning. 😍❤️❤️❤️"

A third commenter explained: "You should say that she only has followers because she is Em's daughter, That's disrespectful towards her, and she seems like a decent woman who the GOAT brought up and she seems to be more successful than you will probs ever be. The reason why you are here in the first place is, she is em's daughter, and yeah, of course, she is beautiful, and people do not have to just mention their relation. Pretty toes."

Hailie recently shared a photo where she is wearing a hoodie that reads "The Future Is Female" and it sparked a debate.


One supporter stated: "I’m not surprised by the amount of butthurt guys there are here, but the amount of misogynistic females up in the comments is crazy. All of you stay at the bottom then, have fun being seen as less than a man at your own choosing. If you don’t choose to rise up and be a part of the solution, you’re the problem. The amount of guys that are SO pressed by her caption is so funny 😂 you do you Hailie. 💞"

Another social media user wrote: "Anything a man can do, you can find at least one female who can do the same. Good luck finding a man who can give birth. Men are powerful, but women are just as powerful."

Hailie now has her own profile.

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