Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Rocks A White Crop Top And Is Ready For Spring To Be Back In A New Post!

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Rocks A White Crop Top And Is Ready For Spring To Be Back In A New Post!
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The fashionista could not be any more ready for spring to come! After all, she has been rocking skirts and shorts on social media, despite the fact that she was outside, posing in the snow, so it's safe to say that Hailie Jade Mathers cannot wait for the warm season to be here already!

Her newest post made it very clear that she is looking forward to that!

Eminem's influencer daughter took to her platform to post yet another pic, this time rocking jeans, a white crop top and a beige jacket over it.

But judging by her caption, it seems like she would have, very much, prefered to drop the outer layer!

Just like many others out there, Hailie is more than ready to enjoy the sun and warm weather that would allow her to rock any style she wants for her Instagram pics!

The weather has been getting a bit warmer, which is why she's looking forward to spring already!

She wrote alongside the snap that 'this sunshine has me feeling some type of wayyyyy, spring better hurry up.'

The influencer has been posting a lot on her platform again, after a months-long break.

Furthermore, she also finally made a TikTok account since it's become so popular because of the pandemic and people being stuck in their homes for so long.

Last month, she made her very first post on the platform - a hilarious video of her googling 'how to use tiktok' and looking confused while reading the results.

'Extremely easy … this took me 2+ hours to make,' she captioned the TikTok video.

It was rather meta and her followers really enjoyed it, encouraging her to post more often!


Another fan suggested that 'You should do a dancing video with your dad,' while another felt her struggle, writing that 'I’ve never related to something so much. This app confuses me.'

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