Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Is Engaged? - Here's Why Fans Are Convinced!

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Is Engaged? - Here's Why Fans Are Convinced!
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Eminem’s daughter is used to the attention on social media, both because she is an influencer and because of who her father is but this time around, it looks like even more people than usual flooded her comment section with speculations and questions! The reason why, is that Hailie posted two stunning pics on her platform and in the caption, she left a bunch of engagement ring emojis!

Was she trying to announce that she’s getting married or did her followers read too much into it?

Immediately after the post went live, everyone who stumbled upon it had that question on their minds.

The image shows the rapper’s daughter wearing a black, green and white plaid dress accessorized with matching black boots and holding a red lollipop in her hand.

That being said, there does not seem to be a real life diamond on that finger.

Even so, the emojis were impossible to ignore and just grabbed everybody’s attention!

Was she really hinting at the fact that someone had proposed to her?

In reality, it’s possible that the emojis were just referring to the Ring Pops kind since she was holding a lollipop after all!

At the same time, she may have just made reference to Ariana Grande’s hit song ‘7 Rings’ as there were, in fact, seven emojis in the caption!

Still, fans had their own theories that they proceeded to leave in the comments.

‘Please don’t tell me you are engaged now 😭,’ someone wrote while another asked: ‘Are you getting married?’

At this point, the young Instagram model is yet to reply to these inquiries but if she was, wouldn’t she have shown off the real sparkler instead?

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