Eminem Worries Fans By Hinting That He Has Been Dealing With Unknown Problems In New Message

Eminem Worries Fans By Hinting That He Has Been Dealing With Unknown Problems In New Message
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It has been quite a while since fans have seen Eminem active on social media, and many of the rapper’s fans have been worried about him due to his history with substances.

And even though some tried to reach out to him and get him to speak up and say how he is doing, that did not happen -- until now.

A couple of days ago, the legendary rapper from Detroit posted a mysterious tweet with the short message “People think they want this problem ’til they get it.”

There has been no other explanation accompanying the tweet, and many of Eminem’s fans have been actively speculating about its possible meaning.

Many suspect that he might be dealing with issues related to his fame, but others seem to believe that there might be something else going on.

There has also been speculation that this is all a clever ploy to stir up some hype in preparation for a new release or something along those lines.

A few believe that he might be dissing one of those rappers who have been shading him including Lord Jamar who said this about him: "I’ve done mad interviews where they ask me about Eminem. I don’t really give a f*ck about Eminem. He’s not somebody I’m really thinking about. Only reason I bring him up, is because you have white people who will say Eminem is the GOAT of hip-hop based upon his record sales. That’s the only problem I have. Do I think he’s a top tier lyricist, rhyme speaking? Yes. I’ve said that multiple times. How many f*cking times do I have to f*cking say it? The guy puts words together well.”

Some have reached out to Eminem in an attempt to get him to talk more about the problems he mentioned in the post.

However, it looks like it will be a while before the public gets any official word from him regarding what he is going through at the moment.

In a recent interview, Eminem confessed that he had spent his entire career chasing after the magic of The Marshall Mathers LP.

He stated: “I know that that captured a moment. It’s kind of like a time capsule when I look back at it. The times that it was back then and the turmoil in my life that was happening.”

He added: “I had a lot of rage. When people say they miss the old Eminem, I feel like it’s probably that. You miss the rage. I don’t have the rage anymore that I used to have, but I still have the exact same passion.”

Eminem seems quite motivated for this comeback.

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  • Monica
    Monica Jan 19, 2020 10:37 PM PST

    Eminem thanks for being my go to music..at times your words match mine.. never mind feelings.. would love to see you in RI,

  • Tim Watson
    Tim Watson Sep 10, 2019 7:08 PM PDT

    Only one intelligent accurate comment. His tweet was in reference to Lord Jamar running his mouth. Em is the "problem" and Lord Jamar has been warned to shut up before he really pisses Em off...and you know the rest of the story...his career will be buried.

  • Brady Fippinger
    Brady Fippinger Sep 10, 2019 10:58 AM PDT

    Real sh**, what I believe is this, if U listened to his older music, he said this poor white basted needs to take that money out da bank n take a bath in it./ if only I had half of it, if U only knew the half of it, I believe, that was Evil Deeds, go take a peep./ and yes I did put this comment in a way of a flow, everyone should already know, that Em has been the G.O.A.T. but no personal life for his own, cuz peeps be tugging on the tails of his coat./ B-$YD3 a.k.a. BR80 Fipp.

  • Dale Tilbury
    Dale Tilbury Sep 2, 2019 12:13 PM PDT

    Hey EM u are the best rapper of this generation and u will always be a legend whoever comes up a new rapper I think they are just an EM wannabe.Hope all is good thinking of u.

  • Rachel
    Rachel Sep 2, 2019 9:21 AM PDT


  • Hendrik Le-Roux
    Hendrik Le-Roux Sep 1, 2019 9:18 PM PDT

    Ems tweet is on reference to Lord Jamar constantly running his mouth on Vlad TV. Nothing at all to do with substance abuse problems.

  • Allen Broadfoot
    Allen Broadfoot Sep 1, 2019 3:49 PM PDT

    He means everybody wants stardom but it's not all its cracked up to be

  • Nannette Zimmerman
    Nannette Zimmerman Sep 1, 2019 11:43 AM PDT

    He is talking about the suffocating fame. The dude has no privacy or freedom

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