Eminem Teases Fans With New Video -- The Happy Stans Say This Is The Calm Before The Storm Because Marshall Mathers Is Coming With Something Big

Eminem Teases Fans With New Video -- The Happy Stans Say This Is The Calm Before The Storm Because Marshall Mathers Is Coming With Something Big
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Eminem has been dropping some exciting hints lately, although it is not clear if they have been in a positive direction or something else.

The legendary rapper recently made a move that led his fans to believe that he might be going through some difficult times in his life, but many feel it is the calm before the storm and he is getting ready to drop a massive hit or album where he will destroy the other rappers who dared to mention his name.

Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly is still riding on the Detroit's icon's coat-tail for publicity and he has continued to egg him on, and Em's fans have obliterated him on social media.

Most recently, however, Eminem has released an interesting teaser of a new instrumental track on his YouTube page.

The instrumental is called "The Real Slim Shady," prompting even more interest from his fans. Many of Eminem's fans/stans immediately jumped to speculation trying to figure out the meaning behind the smooth/jazzy track.

It is listed as a beat made by PhilipJones16 and is a bit different from the traditional beats Eminem uses in most of his songs.

There has been a lot of debate about the possible meaning of the instrumental. Some of Eminem's fans see it as a teaser for an upcoming new track; a diss song or a big concert.

The name of the piece is interesting as well -- could Eminem be coming out with a tribute to one of his most iconic tracks ever?

Everything is possible when it comes to someone like Eminem, and the rapper has shown plenty of times that he knows how to think outside the box and surprise his fans who are beyond eager to hear new music from the Rap God.

Hopefully, all the hype around the new instrumental will lead to some great news -- a new project.

One fan said: "2 posts in a week? Somethings wrong I can feel it...just a feeling I've got, like something about to happen, but I don't know what..."

Another commenter stated: "Slim shady is back!!!!!!!!!!!! @eminem ...... I know that's what it is probably y'all wanted slim shady back and he finna come murder the rap game..... a lot of rappers finna disappear if slim shady come back."

This backer revealed: "Who else thought this was the Jamar diss track or something when Em posted? 😂"

This music lover stated: "Man, You scared me I thought this time it was, it was a single or an Album. Stop it marshalllll we know you've something to drop don't just play with us and drop it already.😭😭😭😭😭"

Slim Shady knows how to get attention.

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