Eminem Releases Official Statement In Response To Revolt TV

Eminem Releases Official Statement In Response To Revolt TV
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The hip-hop world has been plagued with interesting feuds this past week. However, perhaps the most surprising among them is the beef between Eminem and the publication, Revolt TV, following the leak of one of Eminem's verses.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the verse in question was Conway's song, "Bang." The track was never officially released but it leaked and it has since stirred up a storm, although, Joe Budden managed to side-step the lyric that targeted him.

Regarding the Revolt TV line, Hot New Hip Hop says that Eminem likely targeted the media outlet due to a negative review. Regardless of what started the beef, Eminem addressed it on his Twitter account which you can see below:

As it was noted above, Joe Budden was also one of the targets of Eminem's leaked verse. Although, his response to the track was a lot more composed and measured. Joe Budden addressed it on his podcast, arguing that it wasn't worth getting upset over.

The podcaster claimed that both he and Eminem had completely moved on from that stage of their lives. Fans of Eminem and Joe Budden know that they had a low-key beef for many years on account of a business relationship that didn't go down as planned.

Moreover, the feud intensified when Eminem released the record, Revival, which was the first time ever that an album appeared to be hated by the entire hip-hop community. Joe Budden was one of the podcasters who slammed the record.

Not long after, Eminem released his record, Kamikaze, which was better received, although, it was still criticized by mainstream outlets.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Eminem has been engaged in a beef. Earlier this year, Nick Cannon dropped not one but three diss-tracks on Eminem, hoping he would respond, although, he never did, at least not in the way Nick had hoped.

Cannon accused Eminem of being a closeted homosexual who had sexual relationships with his chauffeur. Eminem joked on his Twitter that he didn't even have a "chauffeur," shortly before calling him a "boogie f*ck."

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