Eminem Pokes Fun At Himself While Encouraging Fans To Vote In 2020 Election

Eminem Pokes Fun At Himself While Encouraging Fans To Vote In 2020 Election
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In just a couple of days, American citizens will vote for the politician they believe should be the president of the United States. It will be either Donald Trump or Joe Biden, for the Democratic party. As most know, many celebrities, political pundits, and entertainers have been encouraging American citizens to get out and vote.

Some of the biggest names to encourage their followers to vote in the upcoming election next week includes Sarah Silverman, Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as LeBron James. Reportedly, this is all part of a new initiative called, "Make History Here," and even Eminem participated.

Mr. Marshall Mathers took to his social media this weekend to voice his support for the initiative, but he also took the opportunity to poke fun at himself. Eminem wrote in his statement that American citizens have the chance to vote in the election, whether it's in an arena or a stadium.

He added, "you only get one shot," before finishing off his comment with "sorry, I couldn't resist!" Reportedly, early voting has increased massively this year, and estimates have claimed it could be one of the largest turnouts in recent years.

Sports clubs from the NHL, MLB, the NBA, and the MLS have lent their facilities for voting purposes. As most know, this wouldn't be the first time Eminem was in the headlines over the last few weeks, although, he rarely gets political with the exception of his anti-Trump freestyle that came out right around the same time as Trump's inauguration.

Last week, Nick Cannon did a segment in which he explained what rappers had the best flow of all time, and Cannon, surprisingly, gave Eminem the honor. The media personality - who lost his job as the host of Wild'N'Out for anti-semitic comments - said he didn't have any hate in his heart for Marshall Mathers.

Eminem never officially responded, the same way he didn't bother releasing a diss-track when Cannon dropped more than one on Eminem, including "The Invitation," and a few others.


The rapper did, however, release a tweet in which he mocked Cannon's allegation that he was sleeping with his "chauffeur."

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