Eminem Is Coming Out With Another Epic New Album, According To His Famous Friend And Rapper

Eminem Is Coming Out With Another Epic New Album, According To His Famous Friend And Rapper
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Eminem's fans have been wondering what the rapper is up to lately, as he has not given many indications about his plans, other than a few photos of his clothing line and a smooth jazzy beat -- many predict it will be an epic diss track.

However, the iconic rapper has yet to confirm precisely who the track will be against, or other details about it.

50 Cent seems to be more willing to shed some light on the situation; on the other hand, as he recently revealed that Eminem is apparently working on a brand new album -- and it might feature him as well.

The Power actor told The Hollywood Reporter : "I got another record from Em he sent me for his new album. And then Ozuna, a Latin artist, sent me a record, so I'm working with him."

This comes not long after Eminem implied that he had some "trouble" brewing, although the Detroit rapper did not explain what the problem was exactly.

There was a lot of speculation from his fans, but in the end, Eminem wanted to keep things under the hood for the most part.

It is not clear what his new album might be about either, as a lot has happened in the rapper's life over the last couple of years, and he certainly has no shortage of material for inspiration.

Many predict that his work is going to be worth the wait for his fans, though, as many of them seem to be getting anxious with the wait already.

It is no secret that Eminem is known to take his time and to polish his work in detail. Still, the rapper seems to be taking quite a while even by his standards at this point, although it could be for a good reason -- another chart-topping and critically-acclaimed album.

One fan had this reaction: "I don't care if he drops anything I barely even listen to him I'm just saying it's been way too long since he's even released his own music."

Another music lover said: "Eminem isn't like other artists, and just putting sh*t out to put out shit he is taking his time and making good heat artist can take years to finish up an album be patient."

This person shared: "I think when he made that he was fucking around, he prob didn't even think he would be in the game this long, but I believe he and Dre are cooking something especially what 50 cents said and Big Boy on 92.3, just a matter of time."

Eminem always delivers the goods.

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