Eminem Helps Some People In Detroit With Relief Checks Worth This Amount

Eminem Helps Some People In Detroit With Relief Checks Worth This Amount
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According to a recent announcement, Eminem is among the list of celebrities who are doing their share in helping the struggling population of America during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

It seems that the famous rapper was inspired by recent news that the American government was sending relief checks to already deceased people and decided to do something about it himself.

As a result, the "Darkness" lyricist took to Instagram to post about the "COVID-19 Relief for DJs Marshall Mathers Foundation", which was designed to help DJs solely from Michigan who were in desperate need for funding.

According to Eminem's message, the first 500 people who entered the program, would receive a $313 Stimulus Payment.

In addition, the top 15 applicants would be given the opportunity to get aired on the rapper's hip-hop radio channel, Shade 45.

The message of the hip-hop icon was met with instant approval among his massive fandom, and many praised him for his generosity.

One person had this reaction: "I lost my job during the epidemic, and there is no money from the word at all, there is nothing to eat, pay for a loan, do not leave the house, I will be grateful for any help 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏"

Another commenter told the legendary rapper: "I will pay all my bills to get everything my kids need not want. Get my van right and whatever is left, put it in my savings and use it for emergency use only."

This is not the first time that Eminem has tried to help the local community of Detroit since the COVID-19 crisis struck America.

Earlier, it was reported that the rapper sent out numerous packaged meals to healthcare workers, and he did so with style by referencing a line from one of his most iconic songs, "Lose Yourself."

Called "Mom's Spaghetti," the food was distributed in plastic bowls that bore the logo of Eminem's record studio, "Shady Records" and notes saying, "Thank you, frontline caregivers."

Meanwhile, the popular lyricist recently made headlines when it was reported that he celebrated 12 years of staying sober, and colleagues such as Royce Da 5'9'' took to social media to congratulate him on the impressive achievement.

Eminem has shown more maturity in recent years, the old feuds and drama seem to be distant memories.

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