Eminem Donates 'Mom's Spaghetti' To Detroit Hospitals

Eminem Donates 'Mom's Spaghetti' To Detroit Hospitals
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Eminem is doing his part in the battle against COVID-19. Page Six reported earlier this week that the rapper has been helping out Detroit hospitals with Mom's Spaghetti - a special brand of food inspired by one of the classic lines from Eminem's songs, "Lose Yourself."

The 47-year-old 8 Mile alum, who recently celebrated 12 years of a sober lifestyle, shipped containers off to a Detroit hospital along with the message, "Thank you, frontline caregivers." Moreover, they were marked with the logo for his record label, Shady Records.

Reportedly, the donations were created with the assistance of Union Joints, an organization funded by the Marshall Mathers Foundation and Eminem. Henry Ford Health System took to their Twitter account to say their employees "lost themselves" after Eminem dropped off spaghetti.

Detroit Medical Center, as well, expressed gratitude for the rapper's donation. Fans of the iconic artist know that he famously served up "Mom's Spaghetti" at the Coachella Festival. Eminem has been in the media for other reasons over the last few months.

Todd Malm reported on the 21st of April, 2020, that Nick Cannon was continuing to try and facilitate the one-sided feud between himself and Marshall Mathers. Hot New Hip Hop reported on comments from Nick in which he was speaking with Fat Joe and Billboard.

Nick said in the interview that Eminem probably "knows better" now than to engage in a rap feud with him. Unfortunately for Mr. Cannon, social media have unanimously sided with Eminem and many commenters have argued that Eminem didn't even need to respond. In fact, it would do more harm to his reputation than good, due to the imbalance of status in the hip-hop community

As it was previously reported, Cannon dropped not one but three diss-tracks against the "Lose Yourself" artist, and the only response he got from the rapper was a tweet poking fun at some of his lyrics. On Twitter, Eminem said he didn't even have a "chauffeur you boogie f*ck."

Not long after, he joked that Nick better stop because he was going to make his gardener jealous. In case you missed it, Nick said in his song that Eminem had a gay relationship with his driver, which Eminem said he doesn't even have.

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