Eminem Dissed This Famous Rapper In New Video -- Will The Feud Last?

Eminem Dissed This Famous Rapper In New Video -- Will The Feud Last?
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Legendary rapper Eminem recently had a concert in at Abu Dhabi’s du Arena, where he took some serious shots at his nemesis, Lord Jamar.

Eminem hit the stage with Mr. Porter and had this to say about Lord Jamar: “Mr. Porter, I had a dream I was a f*ckin’ nobody and sucked at rap. And then I wake up, you know who I was, Mr. Porter?… Lord Jamar.”

One person had this reaction: “1st off Lord Jamal is a legend with Brand Nubian, nobody who’s Eminem age knows him, and Eminem sucks only had one good album if you ask me and he will never have a song as big as one for all.”

Another commenter stated: “Eminem is a beast at what he does; he is one of a kind. He got skills, even the most famous rappers and richest rappers said em is a beast, and they would not rap against him. I like em a lot. He is a great rapper. I listen to what sounds good from young to old rappers. There should not be who the best when so many rappers are great rappers from years back till now, young and older.”

In a shocking recent report, it has been revealed that the US Secret Service has taken a particular interest in rapper Eminem, mostly due to a specific track -- “The Ringer,” the main piece from Eminem’s recent album Kamikaze .

The album was a huge success, as was the song itself. Still, it looks like the track’s contents have rubbed some people the wrong way, as the Secret Service was reportedly contacted over the release, and were asked to investigate Eminem over his attitude towards President Donald Trump.

Many have expressed their criticism over the recent revelations, with some even claiming that Trump was abusing the Secret Service in an attempt to silence his vocal critics.

Others have been more supportive of the president, pointing out that the Secret Service had a duty to investigate anything that appeared to be a credible threat against Trump’s life.

Still, it is clear that nothing came out of that whole ordeal in the end, so it is questionable at best whether the Secret Service had any place investigating Eminem over simple rap lyrics.

Some of the rapper’s fans have also pointed out that he is far from the only entertainer to speak out against Trump, including in his artwork publicly, so it is suspicious why Eminem was targeted in particular.

The rapper has not addressed the situation himself, although many of his fans have been continually asking him for more information on social media.

It is pretty clear that he is trying to distance himself from the discussions right now.

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