Eminem Confronts A Home Invader In His House

Eminem Confronts A Home Invader In His House
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Eminem faced off with a home invader in his living room after the suspect made it past his sleeping security guards, Page Six has reported. Matthew David Hughes, 26, smashed a kitchen window belonging to the iconic rapper and snuck his way into the rapper's home in Detroit around 4:00 am at the beginning of the month.

TMZ was the first to report that Mr. Hughes broke the kitchen window with a paving stone, but reportedly never intended harm. The alarm system went off after the window was broken, waking up Slim Shady, who then went down into the living room and discovered the man there.

Interestingly, the 26-year-old man didn't attempt to make off with any of Em's belongings. According to TMZ, Matthew had no intention of stealing anything from him, he just wanted to meet the Detroit native up close and personal.

When the alarm sounded, Eminem's security guards rushed to apprehend the individual and discovered him in the living room with the rapper. They detained him until the police officers arrived.

A rep on behalf of Slim Shady, however, said to reporters from XXL Magazine that Eminem was actually the one who jumped on Hughes until the police arrived. If Eminem decides to press charges, the man will face off against malicious destruction of a building and home invasion.

He was held on a $50,000 bond on the 6th of April. As most know, this wouldn't be the first time a celebrity was the target of a home invader. Such instances occur to many celebrities from all industries.

This comes after the one-sided feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon, where, for weeks, Nick Cannon dropped diss-track after diss-track on Marshall Mathers but the rapper chose only to take to his Twitter account to respond.

In one of Nick's diss-tracks, he accused Eminem of having a gay relationship with his chauffeur. Eminem joked on his Twitter account that he didn't even have a chauffeur, while also calling Nick a "boogie f*ck." Eminem later said Cannon better stop because he was going to make his gardener jealous.

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