Eminem Attacks Donald Trump in New Song

Eminem Attacks Donald Trump in New Song
Credit: Source: Huffington Post

As people were probably expecting, Eminem simply had to enter the political scandal and obviously, his target was Donald Trump. Eminem is famous for attacking various celebrities and politicians throughout time in his songs, so why would this be an exception? The real Slim Shady now released a new single called "Campaign Speech", and it's exactly as you would expect it to be.

It is an 8-minutes long song which was released on Wednesday. As the singer himself declared on Twitter, the release is more of a teasing for the fans, as he assured them that he is currently working on the album and that he brought them a new song until the album will be released.

The sincerity, hard language and acidity of the famous singer can be seen once again in the song, following into the steps of other previous rage-filled works. The Republican nominee literally stands no chance in front of the violence with which Eminem is attacking him in the song. However, the song follows a freestyle on a radio show, where the rapper mocked not only Trump, but also a large array of other celebrities. One of the lyrics says "[T]hat's what you wanted? A … loose cannon who's blunt with his hand on the button/ Who doesn't have to answer to no one? Great idea!",  and here we can see his acidity and irony at its best.

However, things weren't always like that between Eminem and Trump. Back in 2004, Trump appeared on a mock presidential campaign and promoted the newly released album made by Eminem. At the time, Trump declared that he knows a winner when he sees one, and Slim Shady is definitely one. He said the singer has his vote. However, that was just a mock promotional thing and not real, just like the new song says that things have changed.


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